WCA Logistics offers a full range of over the road shipment options. Whether its Toledo to Cincinnati, or New York to
Seattle, or cross border to Canada and Mexico, our skilled team of transportation professionals will assist you in securing
the proper equipment for your specific needs. WCA pulls from over one thousand carefully screened and approved motor
carriers. We do the work. We get it done.
...We Make It Look Easy.  Always. Guaranteed.
Truck Load    Whether dry van or other equipment, our over the road team will move your freight from start to finish.
LTL.    Less than a truck load services are available
on all shipments, and we will coordinate pick up
and delivery in conjunction with other compatible
shipments. For time sensitive shipments, we will
keep you apprised of the delivery schedule.
Cross Border and International.  Shipments to
Mexico and Canada require special precautions
and we will assist with the paperwork.
Domestic Air and Expedited. Through established
relationships with a multitude of expedited
carriers, we can deliver overnight anywhere in the
United States.
Flatbed and Over dimensional. With established relationships
in place, we are able to secure equipment that can be difficult
to find.
Air Ride. For some cargo, air ride transit is not a luxury, it’s a
necessity. Protect high value shipments, including jet engines,
parts, machinery and medical equipment.
With Pinpoint Accuracy .....
Let us review each shipment for you. As your partner, we work with you to get the job done. We provide continuous updates on time sensitive
shipments and seek to make the supply chain seamless.
WCA Logistics is a leading provider of freight audit, payment and business intelligence
services. In fact, we started the business as a freight audit firm in 1983. Allowing experts to
manage your contacts, audit your bills, allocate the changes, make the payments and
report the results, you are guaranteed to pay the right amount.
We perform these services for large and small businesses both international and domestic.  Many of our customers have
retained our services for decades and trust us with over 120 million dollars per year in carrier payments.

Using Leading Edge  technology developed by our own programmers over a span of thirty years, we feature a cutting edge
auditing process that is efficient, proven and economical. Our trained auditors will review your bills and identify any areas of
dispute. We assign a specific auditor to your account, who is available every day to provide personalizes service.
9 common errors that effect up to 14% of billing errors include:
Rate Application      34%
Duplicate Billing     21%
Payment Error         12%
Weight / Density      9%
Accessorial Charges   8%
Discount              6%
Routing               3%
Consolidation         3%
Mileage               3%
A NUMBER OF FACTORS CONTRIBUTE TO ERROR RATES: Our account analysts prepare regular reports that show the
number of freight bills audited, the amounts invoiced, paid, and then a calculation of misbillings.
Improve your profit margin and call us today to learn more
While we audit your bills we are looking for ways to lower you bills.

This Service more than pays for it's self through the savings it generates.
Our TMS technology is accessed remotely by your office personnel. Get our rates, book your loads,  maximize your existing personnel.

Use of WCA rating and pricing
or your specific rating and pricing

Use of WCA technology

Use our backup and support

Drive down material handling costs

More efficient order entry

Greater Customer Satisfaction
Identify and report on each LOST OPPORTUNITY, the routing violation that created an overcharge.
Our program offers a DIRECT IMPACT solution to your financial management / cash flow process.
We can develop a LOAD OPTOMIZATION, program that allows you to plan the most efficient shipping and
loading patterns.
TMS Offers:
Our in house computer program writers have written software
that we use in our daily operations. Our programmers can
create a software solution to meet your specific needs and
improve you operations.
A software solution is only as strong as the programmer. Our writers have been in the industry for over 18 years,
and have worked from the ground up. They know the unique and complex programming issues that arise with
any software program in transportation. Through experience, we also know how to interface with other existing
If it involves logistics,
We can write it.
Our process requires  several steps.
We need to meet with the key members of your management                                                                   
staff to learn about your business model.
We will work with your to define what software applications can
function most effectively within your operations.

After the analytics are done, we will write a program that
addresses your needs.

This ultimately makes your supply chain seamless and cost
Freight cost
Rate levels
Carrier service and selection
Material and inventory requirements
Logistics related accounting functions
We start with a comprehensive review of your existing
program and needs, both present and future.
Our goal will be to implement a least cost routing program
supported by the client’s customer service requirements.
Meet with your management team to identify the logistics
related issues such as:
Review 3 to 4 months of paid freight invoices and build a
viable model form that data.
Carrier selection will always be made with the clients input
and choice.
Once the program is online, the WCA team assigned to your
account will monitor and manage the program to insure on-
going success and compliance.
The final results will be a High Tech software program that
will improve effecincy and reduce cost.
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