We offer a variety of programs that are customized to work for you. Experience in
transportation and logistics is essential, but we provide training and support. We utilize
a cloud based computer technology called Aljax™ that provides important
communication capabilities with the specialists in our company office at all times.
Immediate openings are available in many markets right now. If you want to start up
with a small brokerage operation, we’ll set it up. If you have an existing brokerage and
are frustrated with the challenges in the industry, we can help too. Having a team
behind you can make the difference. Increase your income potential by joining an
established company that has a strong credit rating, a low, established MC number and
powerful revenue numbers.
Our agent program features monthly commissions and statements, achievement awards.
You receive up to date data on your performance and total support on all billings.
Some agents work from offices, others work from home. It just depends on your
business plan.
We preform background checks on all agents and employees. And we are an equal
opportunity employer. Start or upgrade a career in logistics today. Please complete the
attached application and send it in today! We look forward to talking with YOU.

Our explosive growth has been accomplished by two simple principles: quality service and quality teamwork. We are looking for qualified people to join our team throughout the United States, as we intensify our service into new markets.
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