WCA Logistics is an Ohio based company that has been in business since
1983. We are registered with the FMCSA as a freight broker pursuant to
MC-385503-B. We have been in business over thirty years and we offer full
logistic services, including freight brokerage, freight bill audit and pay,
TMS, and logistics management. Our staff is highly experienced in
transportation and logistics and dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. We
are longstanding members of the National Transportation Intermediaries
Association (TIA), National Association of Small Truck Operators (NASTAC).
Our clients range from local enterprises to billion dollar international companies. Our brokerage division moves freight
throughout the Unites States, Canada and Mexico.
Gross revenues for the company surpassed  
120 million dollars in fiscal 2011, and we are
projecting significant increase this year.

What We Move
We move a broad variety of freight, including dry freight, agricultural materials, auto parts, manufacturing components, oversized cargo,
retail inventory, and many others. We utilize a broad range of equipment, consisting of dry van, flat bed, reefer, box and container. Our
motor carriers are selected carefully and we are proud of their exceptional service performance. All approved carriers must be fully
insured, in good standing with FMCSA, and experienced.
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Photo of WCA founder William
“Bill” Carter, at the Urbana
airport. With his favorite past
time, Aviation
WCA Logistics
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Corporate Culture

WCA Logistics has observed a disciplined plan of growth, being careful not to over extend the firm’s capacity to provide accurate and comprehensive solutions to global logistics at the highest level of customer service.
New client accounts are closely scrutinized to make sure that each is seamlessly integrated into the firm’s efforts to provide efficient, low-cost logistics solutions on a global basis. Likewise, current clients continue to receive the level of customer service, which has been our trademark from the beginning.
The firm’s future has been planned and insured through the guidance of a five member advisory board consisting in part of our corporate counsel, accounting firm and three corporate professionals with more than 20 years of senior management experience in freight transportation law, regulation and practice.
Internally, the firm conducts continuing education programs for both management and staff in all crucial areas of logistics management. The experience of our qualified team guarantees solid growth.
This family owned company is firmly committed to continuing to provide their clients with a quality service, which has been maintained by the firm since its inception.
Honors & Awards

Ohio State Senate Honors WCA Logistics, LLC

In 2003, the 125th General Assembly awarded WCA Logistics formerly William Carter & Associates LLC, a Senate Commendation and a Senatorial Citation for 20-years of professional and ethical services to their clients and the freight transportation industry in general.

In 1992, the firm was recognized by Columbus, Ohio Mayor, Greg Lashutka, for our efforts in coordinating 45 trailer loads and two airlifts of supplies to the victims of Hurricane Andrew.

To our knowledge, we are the only freight audit and payment and 3rd party logistics management firm to receive such honors from the State of Ohio.
William Carter Biography

William Carter is the owner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WCA logistics,
LLC formally Wm Carter & Associates, LLC, located in Urbana, Ohio. 

In 1983, Mr. Carter left his position as Traffic Manager for a large multinational
aerospace corporation to start Wm Carter & Associates, LLC.  Mr. Carter has served
as the Transportation Editor for Distribution Magazine and The Wholesaler Magazine. 
He is the author of The Transportation Forms and Procedures Manual, the Glossary of
Transportation & Logistics Terms and The Logistics Policy Manual, as well as a
number of texts on freight cost control and logistics management.  He has appeared
before the United States Senate Sub-committee on Transportation Reform and before
the California Public Utilities Commission Task Force on Freight Rate Discounting. 

In 1985, Mr. Carter designed the Freight Cost Control Workshop, which has been
attended publicly and privately nationwide by more than 7,000 people.  In 1985, his
firm introduced their monthly transportation newsletter, THE EXPRESS, which today
is considered one of the better freight transportation journals and is distributed a
number of clients, Industry professionals and legal firms. 

In 1989, Wm Carter & Associates was recognized by Columbus, Ohio Mayor, Greg
Lushutka for their efforts in coordinating 45 trailer loads, and two airlifts of supplies to
the victims of Hurricane Andrew.  In 2003, The Ohio State Senate, honored Mr.
Carter and his firm with a Senate Commendation and a Senatorial Citation for twenty-
years of professional and ethical service to their clients and the freight transportation
industry in general. 

The firm provides freight audit and payment services and a number of third party
logistics management programs to 171 shipper/receivers with more than 550 locations
in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Mr. Carter enjoys time with his granddaughter and flying his Cessna 175 which is
named after his granddaughter.  He is also a student of the old west.  Bill belongs to the
World Fast Draw Association and the Single Action Shooting Society.